For commerical building we install everything from new construction, service work, remodels, additions, grease traps and much more. We have performed work at hospitals, grocery stores, retail stores, commerical rentals, office building, etc.
  1. New Install
    New Install
    This is a new plumbing install for a commercial building in Caledonia.
  2. Water Service
    Water Service
    Here is a water service installation at the commercial building in Caledonia
  3. Athletico Installs
    Athletico Installs
    Athletico has been popping up around the area. We help install plumbing to suit their needs in Commercial rentals.
  4. Athletico Installs
    Athletico Installs
    Just some prep work to be able to install the new sink for Ahtletico.
  5. Water Heaters
    Water Heaters
    We have installed commercial grade water heaters of any size from hair salons up to car washes.
  6. School Sink
    School Sink
    In this situation a school asked us to lower the plumbing rough ins to make it accessible for their special needs children.
  7. Grease Trap
    Grease Trap
    A local Pick N Save had a remodel. They added a food prep area which needed a grease trap installed. We submitted drawings to the state for approval to do this work.
  8. New Drain Lines
    New Drain Lines
    At the same Pick N Save the cases were moved so we needed to install new hub drains for the cases.
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